Denver Water Resources


You will find a common theme amongst our staff; we want to provide you with the best expertise at the best value and we want to perform in such a way as to earn your repeat business. In essence, the best talent serving the best clients. Our staff are turnkey, not only performing the project management, but also performing the engineering calculations, preparing the construction documents, and coordinating with you on every step of the project. What this means to you is that our team members are fully integrated into the day-to-day work activities and can provide you with innovative and cost effective solutions which address all of your staffing and engineering needs. Our ownership understands that it’s not the company that makes a project successful, but the individuals. Enginuity offers our clients seasoned professionals who have come together to offer best-in-class services.

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Jeffrey Sickles, P.E., CFM

Principal/Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Jeff has over 20 years of experience in water resources engineering. He has served as a group manager, project director, project manager, project engineer and hydraulics task manager on numerous projects throughout Colorado and the Western United States and has worked with a variety of local, state and federal agencies. Jeff’s expertise includes a broad knowledge of hydraulic and hydrologic engineering from conceptual studies, CLOMR/LOMR approval, through preparation of final construction plan packages. Specific areas of expertise include floodplain management, floodplain hydraulic modeling, design of open channels, channel rehabilitation, drop structure design, design of stream stability and scour countermeasures, stream restoration, storm drains, and culverts. His broad range of experience includes construction management for storm drainage projects. Jeff is well known for providing innovative, cost-effective drainage solutions.



Senior Water Resources Engineer

Donald Jacobs, P.E.

Principal/Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Don has over 20 years of diversified experience in water resources engineering. He has experience on numerous projects throughout Colorado and the western United States, and has worked with a variety of private clients as well as federal, state, and municipal government agencies. His work experience has included complex planning studies that have proceeded through design and into construction. His specific areas of expertise include hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, design of open channels, storm sewer design, floodplain modeling, drop structure design, bridge hydraulics, storm water master planning, and highway related drainage and erosion control practices. His broad range of experience also includes construction management for storm drainage projects. Don prides himself on providing high value, innovative solutions for his clients on the most challenging projects.



Gerald Blackler, P.E., PhD

Associate Principal/Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Dr. Blacker is an experienced water resources engineer with expertise in hydrology and hydraulics throughout Colorado and the western US. Has built his career being an expert in open channel hydraulics, applying rainfall and runoff relationships to urban and rural watersheds, and continuing to work on complex hydraulic and hydrologic problems within his community. Dr. Blackler has responded to Disaster Declarations from flooding events within many states (Colorado, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Missouri, and South and North Dakota) and provided quick designs for re-opening infrastructure efficiently and effectively. Dr. Blackler has developed, taught, and implemented courses that deal with open channel hydraulics, distributed hydrology, ecological restoration measures and has applied his knowledge in National Parks and Forests across the Western US. Dr. Blackler is an advanced level user of various hydrologic and hydraulic modeling applications including HEC-HMS, GSSHA, HEC-RAS 2D, SRH 2D, and RiverFlow2D. He is a subject matter expert in stormwater management, 2-dimensional hydraulic models, design and analysis of hydraulic structures including scour and stream restoration design, and floodplain management.



Sarah Houghland, P.E., CFM

Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Ms. Houghland has over 16 years of experience in water resources engineering. She has provided hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, stormwater facility design and floodplain management services for various projects and is an expert in FEMA flood hazard analyses, floodplain mapping, FEMA’s Knowledge Sharing System, and FIRM production. Her modeling and software experience includes the use of XP-SWMM, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, HEC-1, HEC-2, and GIS software. She has also served as project manager for the CWCB, MTDNRC, SDOEM, and NDSWC CTP projects. Sarah has also provided Project Management and H&H services for FEMA Regions IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX.



Timothy Fry, P.E., PhD

Sr. Water Resources Engineer

Mr. Fry has over 8 years of experience in Water Resources Engineer with a demonstrated track record of leading the preparation and analysis of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering models and reports for various projects. His core competencies include: hydrologic and hydraulic modeling using HEC-HMS, EPASWMM, HEC-RAS, and ParFlow; urban infrastructure projects and stormwater management planning; Low Impact Development (LID)/Sustainable design of stormwater facilities; surface and groundwater contaminant transport; flood risk management; floodplain studies; and regulatory compliance and permitting.

As part of his career goals, Mr. Fry recently completed his PhD work at Colorado School of Mines in the Hydrology Department. During his time at Mines he worked with the engineering research center at Mines, Re-Inventing Americas Urban Water Infrastructure, and UDFCD focusing on stormwater management, high resolution modeling of urban watersheds, and LID design in urban environments.